Lost GCash Number? – Here’s What You Should Do.


I have registered in GCash just this year due to the lockdown where we can’t go to the Bayad Centers to pay our bills. GCash has been a very big help in accomplishing this task and I’m a very satisfied customer. I love how simple it is to use, how secure it is in cashing in and paying our bills.

I have been using my SMART number for years now and that was the number I used for GCash. Sadly, out of the blue, the SIM has lost signal and I wasn’t able to use it anymore in GCash where there’s still more than a thousand pesos credits. Since the due dates are coming near, I need to use GCash again to pay my bills but I can’t login.

According to the GCash Help Page: If you lost your SIM card or your mobile phone where your GCash account is registered, you will need to contact GCash Support immediately so we can temporarily suspend your GCash account for your safety. You may submit a ticket or call us at 2882 with the details of your concern.

I submitted a ticket explaining the problem where my registered GCash number has lost signal and I can’t access my account anymore. In less than 24 hours, a GCash Customer Support Agent has reached out to me.

I have two options: to create a new account using a new number or go to SMART to have a SIM replacement and retrieve the old number. The SMART Facebook customer service hasn’t been responding after multiple follow up attempts and going to their store would cost and very hassle.

I created a new account using my second SIM and went thru the process of getting fully verified.

Next step is getting the funds from the old account to the new one. Below are the needed details and I submitted it as soon as I received the email.

Success! Upon submitting the abovementioned details, my case has been endorsed for the Transfer of Funds. I was given 48 hours as turn-around time.

Just after 5 hours, I received the confirmation email that the Transfer of Funds has been successfully processed!

GCash Customer Support Team, thanks so much for the very prompt response and resolution to my case. Keep up the good work! 🙂

In case you lost your GCash registered number, don’t hesitate to contact GCash Customer Support Team and they’ll be more than happy to assist you 🙂

Cancelled Flights, Change of Priorities, A Realization and A Glimpse of the Future.

Cancelled Flights, Change of Priorities and A Realization.

I was very excited for 2020 and welcomed it with open arms during New Year’s celebration. I was on fire and I can already imagine all the travel I’ll have for the year – checking travel goals off the list one at a time. Destinations were marked and booked as early as 2019. Since this is a new decade, I thought I’d start big and my first tour is set in Tokyo with my family.

The trip to Tokyo has left me bankrupt if I should say (but my friends will not believe this lol). It was my most expensive tour to date but I saved up for it, so no worries right? 😀

Right after Tokyo, I was set for Masbate. It was such a paradise and I’d definitely come back here! This actually marked the first time I get to fly the drone and capture stunning photos which added more fuel to my fiery lust for travel.

Just few days apart from my trip to Masbate is a quick trip to Cagbalete Island together with my high school friends.

We had no idea that the trip to Cagbalete Island would be the last (for now). COVID-19 has entered the country and we were placed in a lockdown which of course restricted leisure travel.

We were setup to work-from-home and I’m feeling grateful that up until now we get to keep our jobs, thank you RealPage! Along with my family, friends, and officemates, we did rounds of relief operations to help our community. Again, my big thanks to all who donated for these efforts. 🙂

March, April, May and June were dedicated to traveling nearby provinces, mostly a quick weekend 2D1N trip to progress Project 81 which as of this writing is just at 25.61%. I also planned to go to Catanduanes by bus and ferry during the US Memorial Day Holiday back in May.

Most people get surprised by the fact that I haven’t been to Boracay lol. Sorry guys, it seems it’s not yet time for me to set foot on the paradise. My first cancelled flight for the year was bound to Boracay. Supposedly, backpacking Panay Island by entering in Boracay and then touring Antique, Roxas, and Iloilo by land (and a quick trip to Guimaras for the mango pizza of course) and then flying back to Manila from Iloilo.

I’m frequent in my province of Albay, I never really had the chance to visit the neighboring Sorsogon Province. August was dedicated for Sorsogon, mainly for the magical firefly watching and the Buhatan River Eco Adventure.

October is probably the one that hurts me the most. This is Siargao </3 Of all the local destinations set for 2020, Siargao is the one I’m most excited about. I have been wanting to go since 2017 when Echo starred in the movie dedicated for this surfing haven. I was planning to trace his footsteps in the movie lol

I still have tours lined up for November and December but most likely will be cancelled due to the restrictions imposed by the government for the fight against COVID19.


Being unable to travel for most of the year, I was able to save (forcefully lol). That said, I’ve been thinking of getting a home of my own – in preparation for starting a family. Lately, all I’ve been thinking were furniture and home improvement ideas. I kept imagining how my own house would look like. I believe this is the sign. Now that I’m able to save money for a house, I’ll have it prioritized. And before I forget, the baby of course 😛 I have always set aside these goals mainly because I just want to travel.


Travel is life indeed, it makes me happy, it sets my soul on fire, it makes me alive… But I’m not getting any younger. Lately, I have been feeling that something is missing and when I ask myself, the answer I get is a family of my own. Funny how my high school teacher is now my niece’s teacher. That’s how much time I’ve missed. In a way, this pandemic has made me realize that this is the time to start and face the realities / challenges that’s ahead.


How do you see yourself five years from now? I want to travel. For now, I’ll just focus on housing as my priority but once I get that done and everything is back to normal again, I’ll be back on tour. All flights were rebooked to 2021 so hopefully it is safer to travel by that time. Right now I’m into motorcycles but eventually when I save up enough for a car, I’ll get one and I’ll be like Noctis and the gang who travels the country with their car 😀

And I quote Utada Hikaru: “The future doesn’t scare me all” ❤

NAIA P2P Bus – A Convenient Way to Travel To and From the Airport

I usually head home after my return flight and take the next full day to rest before going back to work. But this time, it was different – I had to report back to work right after my flight. Imagine touching down at NAIA at 5PM on a weekday – imagine how bad the traffic and how much it would cost to take a taxi.

Good thing, there are P2P (point-to-point) Buses that travel to and from NAIA and one stops near my workplace. It is my first time to try this and all I can say is that this is a convenient way to travel to and from the airport.

Just outside the arrival hall at NAIA Terminal 3, there are P2P buses bound for key terminals in Metro Manila. UBE Express has routes going to Araneta Center Cubao, Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas, Alabang, and Sta. Rosa Laguna.



This is the bus bound for Robinson’s Galleria which I immediately boarded without a ticket lol I was told by the inspector to buy one at Bay 10.


I bought my ticket at 6:57PM and the bus departs at 7PM. Wew.


The fare guide. NAIA to Robinson’s Galleria for P70 only? Why not? 😀


Those are the P2P Bus Dispatch Schedule for different routes. Allot ample time so you won’t have to wait for the next bus.


Inside the bus, the center is for the priority seat as well as the luggage.


The bus was 60% occupied during my ride. Plenty of vacant seats.


This is our bus at the Robinson’s Galleria Terminal which will depart back to NAIA.

Overall, it was a very comfortable ride for a very affordable price. Definitely would do this again! 🙂

Thank you UBE Express. #UltimateBusExperience indeed!


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How To Apply For PAG-IBIG Salary Loan?

One of the favorite salary loan for employees is the PAGIBIG Salary Loan, it is pretty much the twin of SSS Salary Loan. It is very easy to avail and only takes few steps to actually file and get the loan proceeds.

I have been applying for PAGIBIG Loan since 2010 and it has always been dedicated for home repairs and renovation. The amount of loan will depend on the contribution you have and it is payable for two years by salary deduction. I think those who have availed of the PAG-IBIG loan several times would agree about it being “hindi ramdam”  during salary deduction right? 🙂

Let’s get started!

Below is the short-term loan availment  procedure as posted on the PAGIBIG Branch. As noted, kindly register first online and have your MID and RTN ready.

How To Apply Pag ibig salary loanHow To Apply Pag ibig salary loan

First, fill out the Salary Loan Form which you can ask for a copy from your HR/Finance. If they don’t have it, you can ask the guards at the PAGIBIG Office for one. Please have 2 witnesses and ask them for a signature. I remember missing those witnesses and I was sad because I had to go back again!

Next, have a copy of your payslip and have it authenticated by your HR/Finance Department. If you have a “print me” version of your payslip, that would be great. If not, you can fill out the back portion of the application form manually. It is very important that you have it authenticated by HR/Finance. I have seen quite a number of applicants being denied because they have their copy of payslips but not authenticated.

How To Apply Pag ibig salary loanHow To Apply Pag ibig salary loan

Have a photocopy of your valid IDs. I suggest you bring them all so the Pag-Ibig Officer will have lots of options. Some of my IDs were not accepted so it was a good thing I brought a bunch. When you go to their office, don’t forget to bring the original as well because they will check it. Below is a list of valid IDs acceptable by PAG IBIG.

How To Apply Pag ibig salary loan

The last step would require going to their office. Please note that you have to go to the PAGIBIG Branch that has jurisdiction over your company. There are people being denied because they are in the wrong branch so check with your officemates or HR which branch you should go.

At the PAG IBIG branch, head to the reception area and they will check if you have complete requirements and then will give you a number to proceed.

How To Apply Pag ibig salary loan

You will be queued and the your number will be displayed on which counter you should go to. Good thing everyone is seated and the place is really well airconditioned so you won’t be drained. Based on my experience, it won’t take an hour to complete the transaction.

How To Apply Pag ibig salary loan

The PAGIBIG Officer will check all your requirements and once approved, you will be given the STL Acknowledgement Receipt as well as the Cash Card where the loan proceeds will be credited.

How To Apply Pag ibig salary loan

How To Apply Pag ibig salary loan

After 3 – 5 working days, you will receive a text that your PAGIBIG Loan has been credited. Proceed to the Landbank ATM and withdraw the cash.

Easy right? 🙂

Lastly, do not forget to go back to the PAGIBIG Branch and ask for the Statement of Account. You will then give the SOA to your HR/Finance Team for salary deduction. 🙂

Hope this helped you. Feel free to comment or share this post to your friends. 🙂

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How to Get DSWD Travel Certificate for Filipino Minors?

According to my nephew, I am the best tito in the world. (lakas mang uto no?) That’s because everywhere I go, I always bring him. I know there are tons of Titos and Titas and Lolos and Lolas who love to bring their favorite pamangkin or apo out of the country. I wish it could be easy as buying a ticket and flying to the target destination but wait – we are missing a very important piece of document. A child traveling out of the country without either parent or legal guardian must secure a DSWD Travel Certificate – this is to protect the minor from child abduction or trafficking.

I will share you with how we were able to get one – this is for a child who will travel out of the county other than the parents or legal guardian.


– Duly accomplished DSWD Travel Clearance application form
– Photocopy of either Birth Certificate or passport of the minor
– Written consent of both parents or the solo parent or the legal guardian permitting the minor to travel to a foreign country
– Affidavit of Consent and Support permitting the minor to travel to a foreign country with a specific person other than them indicating the authorized traveling companion of the minor and his/her relationship to the minor, country of destination, length of stay, purpose of travel, and tentative dates of departure and arrival
-Two colored passport size photos of the minor taken within the last six (6) months
– Photocopy of the passport of the traveling companion


There is a processing fee of 300 pesos for 1-year validity and 600 pesos for 2-year validity.


A DSWD travel clearance is valid for either one year (or two years if you opted to pay for 600 pesos) from the date of issuance. The clearance is valid for multiple travels given that the conditions haven’t changed. If a change in condition occurs like a change in traveling companion or a new destination – a new travel clearance must be secured.


Complete all the required documents and head to the DSWD Office. Take note that you must go to the DSWD Office that has jurisdiction over the minor’s residence. We live in Region IV-A (Rizal) and the closest and most convenient DSWD Office is in Manila. The DSWD Office in Alabang has jurisdiction over Region IV-A so the application must be submitted there.


DSWD-National Capital Region
389 San Rafael Street, corner Legarda St.,
Sampaloc, Manila
Tel/Fax: (02)313-1435 loc 210,733-0010 to 14/488-3104

DSWD Field Office I
Quezon Avenue, San Fernando, La Union
Tel/Fax: (072) 888-2505/888-2184

DSWD-Field Office II
3 Dana Pagyaya, Regional Government Center
Carig Sur, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Tel/Fax: (078)846-7532/846-7043

DSWD-Field Office III
Government Center, Maimpis,
San Fernando, Pampanga
Tel/Fax: (045)861-2413 (telefax)

Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City
Tel/Fax: (02) 387-2632 or 850-8380/807-1518

1680 F.T. Benitez corner Gen. Malvar Sts., Malate, Manila
Tel/Fax: (02) 336-8106 local 401/336-8106 local 103

DSWD Field Office V
Magnolia St. PBN Buraguis, Legaspi City
Tel/Fax: (052) 821-7920 or 480-5346/480-5754

DSWD Field Office VI
M.H. del Pilar Street, Molo, Iloilo City
Tel: (033) 300-0526/ 337-6221

DSWD Field Office VII
MJ Cuenco Avenue corner Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City
Tel/Fax: (032) 233-8779 or through trunkline no. 412-9908

DSWD Field Office VIII
Magsaysay Blvd., Tacloban City
Tel/Fax: (053) 321-3090 or 321-1176/ 321-1007

DSWD Field Office IX
General Vicente Alvarez St., Zamboanga City
Tel/Fax: (062) 991-6030, 991-6056 (trunkline)/993-0652

DSWD Field Office X
Masterson Ave., Upper Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City
Tel/Fax: (088) 858-88-92/858-89-59

DSWD Field Office XI
Suazo St., cor. Magsaysay Ave., Davao City
Tel/Fax: (082) 226-28-57/227-8746

DSWD Field Office XII
9506-Purok Bumanoag, Brgy. Zone 3, Koronadal City
Tel/Fax: (083) 520-0572 or 228-3180/228-8637

DSWD Field Office CARAGA
R. Palma St. Butuan City
Tel/Fax: (085) 346-0113/815-9173

DSWD Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
40 North Drive, Baguio City
Tel/Fax: (074) 444-3209 or 444-3262/442-7917

More comprehensive information can be found here : http://www.dswd.gov.ph/faqs/travel-clearance-for-minors/


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Utada Hikaru – Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018

If there is one artist in this world that I would like to see live in concert – it is definitely Utada Hikaru from Japan. I have been dreaming of this since I saw her concerts and TV performances online.

Cebu Pacific Air held a Pisofare Seat Sale back in December 2017 and I booked for a November 2018 flight to Tokyo hoping the concert would fall on the dates I selected. Unfortunately, it was 2 weeks far from my chosen dates. She’ll be in Osaka and I’ll be in Tokyo. I tried re-booking and the airfare almost tripled. Taking the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka and going back would be expensive as well so I had no choice but just to book a new flight to Tokyo.

All that sorted out and paid too BUT I still don’t have a ticket to her concert. I thought obtaining a ticket was only a few clicks away. Little did I know that it would be lottery style. The Hatsukoi album pre-order contained codes for the lottery so those who purchased gets to be drawn first. Thanks to my friend Nini for giving me a code.

The process was very thorough – it feels like applying for a professional job or a government ID lol. A decent picture needs to be submitted that follows their standard as well as some personal information. You can then choose 3 dates/venues and one of those will be the one you can attend to – if you win. Below is my application details/history:

Utada Hikaru - Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018 ticket

I chose Makuhari Messe as primary mainly because it will be the final stop which will be filmed for TV/DVD release. Saitama Super Arena was the secondary because it is the Utada United 2006 venue. Both of which are in Tokyo.

Once application has been submitted – the waiting game begins. I’ve been checking the website as well as chatting with friends who applied for tickets for updates and plans. One day, I got a text message that my card was charged and it was the price of a ticket for two! I was selected at the first draw and for the final show at Makuhari Messe! Sadly though, I was the only one among my UH circle to win. Fast forward, my friends all won and obtained tickets from the general lottery draws. Kami-sama arigato! ❤

What a ticket! Too bad it’s only digital and there’s no official printed copy.

Utada Hikaru - Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018 ticket final

We were back in Tokyo as early as December 5 and originally planned to go to Saitama Super Arena hoping we could score some tickets. The plan never came to fruition though since we have different itineraries and the rest of the team were flying on different dates. We spent the days touring Tokyo. Good times!

Fast forward to the date – December 9, 2018 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan – Utada Hikaru will be performing the finale of Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018.

Utada Hikaru - Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018

We woke up a bit late that morning since the tour is at 7PM. We thought of heading early to Chiba and explore the area but they said that we might be too tired for the concert. Point taken. Nini gave us some sticky notes and each of us wrote our messages for Hikaru. Below is my simple message which I hoped reached her. 🙂

Utada Hikaru - Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018

We left Asakusabashi at 2PM and then headed to MakuhariHongo Station in Chiba which was an hour of train ride. Grabbed a few snacks from Lawson and then boarded the bus to Makuhari Messe. I was enthralled with the city – it gave me the feeling of being in the future or a different world.

We went straight ahead to the venue and saw the early birds taking picture of the signage. Of course we’ll never miss the opportunity too.

We then stepped inside and Hatsukoi album was playing – I felt goosebumps run through me and almost brought me to tears. I even thought she was rehearsing lol. The fans have brought flowers and one was Kuma-shaped too! So much love for Hikaru! ❤ Everyone here was  busy picture taking.

We arrived early giving Lara and Nini more time to shop for some tour merchandise. Lara gave me a Laughter in the Dark Tour scarf, thank you Lara! ❤ We then met with Renj and had group pictures. After their shopping, we then finalized – had our meds taken for stomachache, for headache, for colds,  for whatsoever because we should be on top condition and on DO NOT DISTURB mode.

At around 5:30PM we were all instructed to go the entrance where we will be presenting the ticket as well as undergoing the facial recognition. It was so fast and convenient. I really can’t believe I’ll be seeing Hikaru in the next few minutes. Around 6:45 PM, my urinary bladder was acting up – not really bad but better let it go so I don’t have anything to worry about. Still 15 minutes before the show, I ran to the comfort room and was surprised with the queue. Like every male concert-goer is there and there’s only 1 comfort room to accommodate everyone. This was the only rant I have about the venue/management. I fought for a few minutes but at 6:55 PM, I gave up and went back to my seat. Luckily it never bothered me again lol.

Utada Hikaru - Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018

Few minutes past 7PM, they turned off the lights and an announcement was made. The lights resumed and everyone applauded then finally, Hikaru surfaced and graced the stage.

ANATA was the first song and from there I was already crying with goosebumps all over. DREAMS DO COME TRUE! I still can’t believe Hikaru is performing and I’m so lucky to be a part of this concert.

MICHI followed – one of my favorite track from her Fantome album. I love how the English backing vocals haunted me (in a good way) and hearing them live gave me goosebumps.

TRAVELING has been performed since Hikaru’s 2004 Budokan Concert and truth be told this song is not a favorite of mine. The song grew so much in me during this performance specially when she inserted “Makuhari Messe” in the lyrics and the crowd went crazy. I  was captivated. I have been craving for Traveling since then because I felt that I am “Makuhari Messe” – at least part of it you know. PS: the namesake of this blog was from the this song 😉

COLORS was overlapping Traveling and the crowd was raving. The song was beautifully arranged specially when Hikaru soloed the

PRISONER OF LOVE what a song for me! I’m literally a prisoner of love. I remember whispering to my girlfriend “don’t you give up” as Hikaru sang it.

KISS AND CRY my heart was beating as the song transitioned to this one. “I just want to be happy” is something I sang for myself. I love how the A-list single Can You Keep A Secret? became just an adlib to this song. Hikaru got me all the natural high.

SAKURA DROPS one of my favorite songs from Hikaru’s entire discography. Too much emotion I can’t help but cry. Falling in love, giving it all, and wishing it was the last heartbreak. Despite of it all – just like the cherry blossoms – we’ll bloom again someday. I think that was beautiful.

HIKARI the song that started it all (technically it was SIMPLE AND CLEAN) was arranged in acoustic and orchestrated way. We were waving our hands halfway through the end of the song and I felt like my arms and shoulders hurting after this haha. I found myself in tears for all the emotions from this favorite song of mine.

TOMODACHI is an easy-listening track but at some point I can’t really relate to this song (lol) so I just chilled it while enjoying Hikaru and the dancer’s performance.

TOO PROUD like Tomodachi is another track that I don’t relate to but good enough not to be skipped. I love the rap part but Jevon was not here so Hikaru filled it with her rap. Since I memorized Jevon’s part – I was rapping with the words from the original song.

CHIKAI is one of the most important songs in the set list. As a Kingdom Hearts fan, this is a bias. I love the song as well as it’s English counterpart Don’t Think Twice. It was so beautifully written. Hikaru performed at the middle of Makuhari Messe and a lot of people went to the center to see her closer. I wish I could’ve done the same but I was frozen and in tears watching her perform the song.

MANATSU NO TOORIAME is another ballad and I was still pulling myself together from the Chikai performance.

HANATABA WO KIMI NI is another beautifully written ballad that easily grew on me as it was released back in 2016 for her comeback after the long hiatus. I was still in awe and crying watching her perform this song that pierced my heart. The song has an extended instrumental being played by the band and orchestra as she walks back to front the stage.

FOREVERMORE was performed immediately after she got back from the stage.

FIRST LOVE hearing just the intro and I was already getting the goosebumps and I was crying. I locked my girlfriend in my arms and sweet danced her as I get all the feels of the song. I can’t believe that happened and still the best memory from the concert.

HATSUKOI is like the First Love of the Hatsukoi album (lol this is very redundant). I was still recovering from my tears and here we go again with another beautiful ballad.

PLAY A LOVE SONG is another favorite song of mine. Upbeat and I think written with simple words like “Why we fight? I don’t know.” and “Hold me tight and don’t let go.” I can truly relate to this song found myself crying again (tears of joy I suppose). It was just so magical and fun and the splashing colors on the stage background added more magic to it.

ORE NO KANOJO honestly one of my least listened song. I believe there was not a moment when I was craving to listen to this song. It only gets played when I listen to the full album. I loved how the song built up from slow-and -steady to a more progressive track

It was already the encore of the concert and it was sinking that I’m about to wake up from this magical moment of my life.

AUTOMATIC started with the band intro and Hikaru continued. Automatic is Hikaru’s signature song and it sure does brings back a lot of memories for me. Loved how the guitar-man hyped us when he did solo lead guitars that rocked the venue but we all felt hanging, I wished it was longer.

GOODBYE HAPPINESS is literally “goodbye happiness” for me. I was crying cause this is the last song. The colors splashing the stage is back inviting us to enjoy and dance to the song. I love the part where Hikaru was kissing us goodbye. I was looking her in the eyes and then she said “Arigato” and bowed. That made me cry even more! It felt so sincere.

Laughter in the Dark Tour has been an amazing concert! I’m so lucky and proud to have been a part of it! 🙂

Here’s the Philippine Team with our eyes still fresh from all the happy tears! ❤

SEAGATE Philippines RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Guide

Return your failing Seagate product for a brand new replacement

Some 10 years ago, I asked my computer technician friend which hard drive to buy and he said Seagate is the best. My first ever hard drive was a 250GB Seagate Barracuda back in 2008 which lasted until 2014! Fast forward to 2018, I now have Seagate external hard drives.

When we buy from a store, they generally give us 1 year store warranty. In case the hard drive fails during that period – you can return it to the store and they’ll have it checked and replaced. I have a 1TB external hard drive that lapsed the 1 year store warranty and I thought I was done for. Fortunately, we have the return merchandise authorization or RMA which replaces our faulty/defective product if it is still under the warranty period.

I have returned two hard drives, a Maxtor and a Seagate Portable External Hard Drive. How to replace the defective product? Here’s an overview.

  1. Make sure it is faulty and under warranty period.
  2. Register and create an RMA Order.
  3. Ship your product to Seagate via LBC or your courier of choice.
  4. Seagate will ship you a replacement. Brand new, FREE of charge! 🙂

Let’s get this guide started!

1. First make sure the drive is really faulty. Use SeaTools to check the status of your hard drive. Download and install: https://www.seagate.com/as/en/support/downloads/seatools/

2. Then let’s check if the product is still under the warranty period:
URL: http://support.seagate.com/apps/customer/en-US/warranty_validation.jsp
Seagate RMA

3. Here is my faulty hard drive still “In Warranty” status.Seagate RMA

4. If the product is still under warranty, we can then create an RMA order. Register first at https://www.seagate.com/as/en/consumer-login/ Once you’re registered select “Create Order”.

On the WARRANTY tab, select Manual Entry and fill out the information needed and click Next.

Seagate RMA

5. On the OPTIONS tab, select Standard Replacement and hit NEXT. Ship your non-functioning product to our receiving facility and upon successful receipt, we will send a replacement product to you within 5 to 7 business days, ground service upon stock availability.

Seagate RMA

6. Fill out the  shipping details: name and complete address. For Seagate Return Location, select UPS SCS (Philippines) Inc and hit NEXT.

Seagate RMA

7. Review the information and once confirmed, hit Submit Return Order.

Seagate RMA

8. Now you have an RMA Number. Go to your nearest courier and ship the defective product to the address below. I used LBC and paid P155 pesos only. Use bubble wrap to protect your hard drive.

UPS SCS (Philippines) Inc.
2/F Cargohaus Building
Old MIA Road,
Barangay Vitalez
Paranaque City

Seagate RMA

9. You will receive confirmation email so check your email regularly for updates.

Seagate RMA

10. After 5 – 7 business days, you’ll receive your shiny new replacement Seagate product shipped to your home free of charge! Look how well it was packed!

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Araneta Center Busport

It has been 4 years since I last visited my hometown, Ligao City in the province of Albay, Bicol. The last time I saw the terminal was back in 2014 and four years after – to my surprise – is a bus port that is of world class level. The process is pretty much the same as the airport and the facilities and the bus port itself is something to be proud of – comfort, convenience, safety and security – except for the absence of WiFi lol

To get there, just ride a jeep with the Ali Mall signboard or buses with Cubao Ibabaw / Cubao Farmers signboard. The Araneta Center Bus Port or ACPB for short is located just across Ali Mall at the ground level of Manhattan Heights Condominium in Quezon City. If you’re heading to Bicol, this is your gateway. The bus port caters mainly to the passengers going to the Bicol Region as well as Visayas and Mindanao.

araneta center bus port (7)Here are the steps, I suggest you go for #2, #1, #3-5.  Get a number first before filling the form since the queue would take a lot of time.

araneta center bus port (5)Here is the kiosk, located at the left side of the entrance. It is touch screen and self explanatory. There is a crew who will assist you as well.

araneta center bus port (6)

Here is the passenger information slip, fill this up while waiting for your number to be called.

araneta center bus port (10)araneta center bus port (3)Watch this monitor closely, check your number and the counter you’ll be assigned to.

araneta center bus port (2)As of the moment, there is no online booking and the only way to buy tickets is thru here. Double check with the teller the details before you leave. They have a monitor display of the rules so be sure to read them for your information. Fares vary, I just asked what’s the cheapest and the one departing soonest.

araneta center bus port (9)Here’s our bus ticket to my hometown, Ligao City. What an upgrade compared to the ticket that looks like the info slip. Thank you ALPS and ACBP!

araneta center bus port (4)Same with the airlines, additional baggage in excess of the allowed hand-carry baggage is subject to charge.

araneta center bus port (11)To be safe, be at the passenger lounge at least an hour before your departure time. There are ATMs located just before the ticket booths so make sure you’re loaded before going to the province lol

araneta center bus port (24)araneta center bus port (25)araneta center bus port (14)Passengers waiting for their buses. The passenger lounge is air conditioned and it’s very cold here. Just noticed that many of the passengers are putting their baggage on the benches making other passengers unable to sit -_-

araneta center bus port (13)Also, be sure to check the monitor from time to time to check the status of your bus ride.

araneta center bus port (29)Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask the concierge for information.

araneta center bus port (30)araneta center bus port (15)araneta center bus port (23)Just in front of the passenger lounge is the boarding gates, once you’re bus is scheduled to depart, the concierge will announce it. Also, names will be called if the bus is leaving, final call to those who will miss their buses.

araneta center bus port (16)There is a nursing room for breastfeeding mothers.

araneta center bus port (17)Also some massage chairs for those who wants to relax while waiting for their buses.

araneta center bus port (18)The huge air conditioner located just beside the female comfort room.

araneta center bus port (31)araneta center bus port (32)araneta center bus port (19)araneta center bus port (21)araneta center bus port (22)The comfort room! Cleanliness level is comparable to the ones abroad!

araneta center bus port (26)There is a FoodPort located on the other side of the passenger lounge. It is prohibited to eat at the lounge so everyone should eat at the foodport.

araneta center bus port (27)araneta center bus port (28)Some very helpful reminders FYI.

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Facing the Immigration Officer at NAIA

You got everything planned, you already invested so much of your time, money and resources for this vacation. You already have expectations (vs reality haha) and you even have the captions ready for your social media posts. Too much hype and emotional investments.

But before that dream vacation comes to life, you have to go through the immigration officer. The one person that can ruin everything you have planned. I have read quiet a lot of horror stories about them and I had my fair share of butterflies whenever I’m about to face an IO.

The Immigration Officer
I noticed they don’t smile and they don’t greet back. They show no emotion and are very strict and will go straight with the questioning. I think they are trained like that to show that they are in authority.

Here are the requirements that you need to show to the IO.

Passport – at least 6 months before expiry
Visa (if applicable) – valid visa to your country of destination
Round Trip Tickets – to show that you intend to come back.

(You don’t really have to have all these but if you can bring them (specially for first timers) the better so you can have all the supporting documents you need in case the IO asks for more questions, you can easily show them proof)

Company ID / COE – to show that you are currently employed and have a job to come back to
Itinerary – for touring / sightseeing purposes
Plane Ticket Receipt – to show that the tickets are already paid
Hotel Booking / Confirmation – proof that you have a place to stay
ITR – shows your earning, to prove that you can support this vacation
Approved Leave of Absence – can be a letter or a screenshot of the calendar/leave app. Supporting document to show that you are on leave for the intended dates of your vacation
ATMs/Credit Cards – backup money abroad
ATM Receipts – to show you still have money
Birth Certificate – just bring this in case you’re questioned about your age

I always greet them but they don’t seem to care and just start with their questions. Below are the ones they usually ask:

Where are you going?
Purpose? (they will ask you about your itinerary so better know it by heart)
Who are you going with? (in my opinion, it’s easier to pass the IO if the airline itinerary reflects the people you’re traveling with)
Where will you stay? (show them the hotel confirmation)
How many days are you going to stay? (you can show them your approved leave of absence)
Where do you work? (they will ask for the company ID)
How long have you been employed? (show them the COE in case they ask for it)

There’s only 1 rule when it’s your turn for the interview: Don’t Lie.
That’s basically it. Just don’t lie about your purpose of going out of the country and you’ll be fine. Answer them with confidence (and excitement too) and be consistent. If you don’t have anything to hide then you won’t have problems with them and you’ll be on your way to the boarding gate.

Now go ahead and fulfill how you want this tour to be! 🙂


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