Canyon Cove, Nasugbu, Batangas

First, I’d like to thank my company, RealPage, for making this outing happen.
RealPage went out of town last May and we were even allowed to bring family members. I’m very grateful for this experience as I was able to extend this with my love ones, #ThankYouRP!

Canyon Cove rate normally is P1500 per person during the weekend but our HR Team was able to score it for only P350 per head for our family members. The buses though were intended for employees only so we had to commute to get to the venue.

Canyon Cove is located in Nasugbu, Batangas. Travel time is 3-5 hours which depends on the bus. The best way to get there is from the Coastal Mall Provincial Terminal where buses bound to Cavite, Tagaytay and Batangas are stationed. A bit of mishap, we found out that the terminal has been moved to HK Sun Plaza, the opposite side of the original terminal.

After minutes of waiting as chance passengers in Coastal Road, we were lucky to board a bus with very few passengers. Just tell the conductor you’re going to Canyon Cove and he’ll notify you once you’re at the right stop. Fare is P150 each.


We arrived in Nasugbu, Batangas and the conductor reminded us it was our stop. The Nasugbu Municipal Hall is the landmark. We were immediately fetched by a tricycle driver and it was a shock to know that the fare is P200 for a not-so-far distance – what a rip off!

Finally reached Canyon Cove, the guards were very accommodating and guided us to the reception area. We were halted because we’re carrying a big eco bag which contains foods haha. They said food is not allowed inside but chips and softdrinks will do. We were offered to surrender the bag into their locker room for P100 fee.

If you wish to stay at the hotel, you can check out the rates thru Agoda.

My nephew and niece were very excited and were running crazy for the beach! XD
Here are some of the pictures from the day tour 😉

Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
The Beach ❤

Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
Canyon Cove Pool and Hotel

Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
Volleyball Beach Court

Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
My niece jumping into the pool

Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
Mini Playground. It was very very hot! Advised my nephew and niece not to use this.

Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
Canyon Cove Hotel Entrance

Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
My only decent pic xD

Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
View from above

Canyon Cove Nasugbu BatangasCanyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
Dragon Boat! I prefer the dragon over the banana one xD

Canyon Cove Nasugbu BatangasCanyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
My niece enjoying the sand and the beach

Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
My mom and my nephew playing

Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
Other team members playing volleyball

Canyon Cove Nasugbu Batangas
My nephew who does not want to go home yet

For me, I was not in the mood for swimming because I have been lacking sleep the past few months and I feel tired. Nonetheless, it was a very fun experience especially for my family. My niece and nephew totally enjoyed Canyon Cove and they asked me to take them back there.

Mt. Pulag – The Playground of the Gods

My friend Coi asked me to join him in hiking Mt. Pulag and who would say no to “The Playground of the Gods“? Mt. Pulag is home to the picturesque “sea of clouds”, stunning sunrise as well as the Milky Way view. It is the highest peak in Luzon and the 3rd highest in the Philippines. It is also the coldest place here in our country that I’ve been to (4 degrees celcius!).

We joined a group which he found on Facebook and paid 2800 pesos each. The package is inclusive of roundtrip transfers (Manila > Baguio > Kabayan, Benguet), lunch, registration and environmental fees, guide fee and a quick sidetrip to Ambuklao Dam.

We met the group at McDonalds in EDSA Shaw and around 12AM, boarded the bus going to Baguio and arrived around 5:30AM. From Baguio, we transferred to a jeepney going to Kabayan, Benguet. I thought it was just a short ride but it’s 5 or 6 hours away from the City of Pines! You can request for a quick rest room break from the driver and he’ll pull over to a diner or gas station.

Upon arrival in Kabayan, we took the orientation (history and current state of the mountain, do’s and don’ts, etc) and submitted the medical certificate. After the orientation, we again boarded the jeepney and went to the Ranger Station where we built our tent.

– Bring lots of snacks and trail foods!
– Bring 2 or 3 jackets / thermal jacket (it’s super cold there!)
– Bring meds just in case you get stomache ache / fever
– Take it easy, rest if needed.

Also, for your stay in Baguio, you can check Agoda for the hotel / transient houses’ rates.

Let the pictures do the talking! 😀

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetMy trail foods. I would like to thank my sponsors haha

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetMt. Pulag banner at the diner stop over. I should’ve signed here xD

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetOur jeepney, I just tried climbing, did not ride on top.

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetOur humble little tent :D

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetCoi posing

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetView near the Ranger Station

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetBunch of tents

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetMeryenda Time

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetComfort Room Rates: Shower P20, Pee P5, Poo P10mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetOur Team

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetWe got invited for some shots

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetFoggy

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetOur jeeps and tents covered in fog

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetEnjoying the view

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetmt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetCoi

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetmt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetmt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetMt. Pulag Sunset

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetmt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetmt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetMore Tents

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetJust woke up! 1AM call time and ready to hike!

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetmt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetmt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetAssault!

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetSummit! Hoping for sea of clouds!

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetmt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetIt rained when we were at the summit. No sea of clouds and sunrise, sadlife.

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetmt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetmt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetTime to go down. Still foggy and drizzling.

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetThe path in Mt. Pulag is already set. It is really easy to climb this mountain.

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetWrong Turn? :D

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetGrassland

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetIt’s so cold! Good thing I have my ear muffs!

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetat Camping Ground 2

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetWild berries, we picked and ate some ;)

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetmt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetRice Terraces!

mt. pulag sea of clouds ranger station kabayan benguetPacked up! Weather was fine when we left.

Palaui Island, Cagayan Province – The Raw Beauty in the Far North

Imagine having a friend who takes you to the beaches every summer – lucky me. My dear friend Jie‘s hometown is in Ilocos and Cagayan – where beaches are in it’s raw, natural beauty. Since 2012, we have been going there and my summer is incomplete without a dip into the northern Philippines’ finest beaches! Allow me to post every single bit of places we explored in these 2 provinces 🙂

Back in 2014, we had the opportunity to visit Palaui Island which was the home to Survivor : Cagayan and Survivor Blood vs. Water (series I haven’t seen until now haha)

If you don’t have friends/relatives who lives in Sta. Ana, check out Agoda to find good deals for your accommodation.

TRAVEL (Part 1)
– Terminal is located in Kamuning, Quezon City.
– Fare is P750 and travel time is 11 to 12 hours. Manila – Pagudpud.
– Buses ply from late afternoon to 9 or 10PM only.

TRAVEL (Part 2)
– Buses pass by hourly in the national highway
– Fare is P120 and travel time is 4-5 hours. Pagudpud – Santa Ana
– There are direct Manila to Santa Ana, Cagayan buses but we haven’t tried it yet.

– We paid 300 each x 6 = P1800
– Travel time is 30-45 mins. Santa Ana Port – Palaui Island
– Another hour of boat ride for neighboring islands

Palaui Island location(image credit to wikipedia)

This is the longest bus ride I’ve ever experienced (600+ kilometers) and one of the most memorable too. We really weren’t prepared for Palaui. We woke up late that day and we were cramming. Some of my friends don’t even have their money with them haha. We waited for almost an hour for the bus and when it arrived, I picked my window seat and put on my Utada Hikaru playlist. I enjoyed every bit of the bus ride, I love the scent of the green rice fields – thanks for having non-airconditioned buses here, I love the blue skies, I love the fresh non-polluted air which can only be found in the provinces.

– Bring lots of money haha
– Take your brunch/lunch at the port
– Buy lots of drinks and snacks for the long day tour / boat ride
– Never ever litter. Let’s keep the island as raw as it is.
– Bring extra clothes, sunblock, shades

After the day tour, we found out that we don’t have enough money to even dine in! Our moneys combined was just enough for a loaf of bread and fare to go back home. I love how we equally shared the bread and just laughed at this shortcoming. Friendship level up! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with you Jie, Tin, Lark, Joenna, Marc.

Here are our pics taken during our stay in Palaui Island. Sorry I was using an old digital camera back then so the pictures weren’t that clear. I hope I could get back here someday and bring you guys lots of better pictures 🙂

Palaui Island (1)There were a lot of Survivor ads in the province.

Palaui IslandSome other ads promoting the island

Palaui IslandFinally arrived at the port!

Palaui IslandRegistered at the tourism office which was located near the port. Day pass costs P50 ($1) back in 2014.

Palaui IslandA view from the boat. More of this for 45 minutes boat ride.

Palaui IslandPalaui Island declared as Protected Landscape and Seascape

Palaui IslandPalaui IslandWe did a bit of trekking

Palaui IslandPhoto opp of course

Palaui Island Palaui IslandSome of my panorama shots. Too bad the quality is low 😦

Palaui Island cape enganoPalaui IslandArrived at the Cape Engano Lighthouse

Palaui IslandAlways somewhere, I missed you where I’ve been~

Palaui IslandPalaui Island dos hermanosDos Hermanos Islets (The Two Brothers’ Islets)

Palaui IslandThe beautiful Palaui Island. By far the best gusts of wind I’ve ever had! Breathtaking!

Palaui IslandPalaui Island (20)Palaui IslandMe and my friends. #TeamPalaui

Palaui IslandAnd another trek to this falls located a few minutes from where our boat was docked

Palaui IslandLast picture before heading to the next island. I love the fact that w were the only ones in this beautiful island!

Palaui IslandAnother boat ride circling around the group of islands

Palaui Island (26) anguib beachTouchdown Anguib Beach!

Palaui IslandAnguib Beach has the finest sand in my opinion. It was like walking in powder.

Palaui IslandAnguib Beach Panorama

Palaui Island (28)Another shot from the boat going home.

Borawan Island and Kuwebang Lampas in Quezon Province – Your 1300 pesos getaway

When it comes to beaches, Filipinos would say Boracay and Palawan are the best, sadly, I haven’t been there. Social media posts about a beach called Borawan spread like wildfire. People say it was named after Boracay and Palawan and is a must-go.

Back in Thanksgiving, I was invited by my officemates to join them in Borawan and I’m glad I did not let this tour pass! 🙂

Budget and distance-wise, this place has become a popular weekend getaway destination. For just 1300 pesos ($26) you can have 2D1N stay and 3-island tour in this very beautiful place.

1. The more, the merrier and the cheaper this tour could be!
2. Bring lots of snacks and foods
3. Bring Powerbank
4. Bring tent

Getting There:

1. Go to Jam Liner Terminal in Kamuning, Quezon City
2. Ride a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal. (Travel time is 4hours, fare is P218)
3. From Lucena Grand Terminal, ride a bus going to Padre Burgos (Travel time is 2hours, fare is 35 pesos)

A quick summary of expenses:

QC to Lucena: 436 pesos
Lucena to Padre Burgos : 70 pesos
Boat Ride and Island Fees: 400 pesos
Tent Fee: 100
Foods: 300
Total: 1306 pesos

There are 3 Islands namely Borawan, Kuwebang Lampas, and Dampalitan. You can get them all in a day since they are just close to each other. In our case, we only had two since my teammates were tired to get the 3rd one done.

Signal is available on most part (atleast for TNT network). We stayed in Borawan and there’s electricity in the island from 6PM until 10PM only. You can have your gadgets charged for P20 per outlet.

There are grilling areas and you can borrow cookwares from the store. You can have them cook for you for a fee. Before heading to the islands, grab all you need from the local market like we did. Our team does not have a cook so we paid for cooking fee haha.

Best time to go? Summer time should be avoided since everyone is going there. We went there in November and everything is just perfect. There’s just 2 other small groups and we owned the islands for two days 😉

Thanks to my teammates, Madam Lyn, Prof Gino and Classmate Ella for this wonderful experience.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking 😉

borawan island kuwebang lampasPadre Burgos Port

borawan island kuwebang lampasBorawan Island banner showing the rates

borawan island kuwebang lampasOn our way to the island, we were greeted by a rainbow

borawan island kuwebang lampasOur boat docked at Borawan Island

borawan island kuwebang lampasThe sands of Borawan Island

borawan island kuwebang lampasThe clouds are so close!

borawan island kuwebang lampasSome cottages for rent. If you have tent, you’ll only pay 200 pesos and just divide it by the number of people. ;)

borawan island kuwebang lampasBorawan’s sandbar

borawan island kuwebang lampasJust me posing :D

borawan island kuwebang lampasOn our way to Kuwebang Lampas

borawan island kuwebang lampasOur boat docked at Kuwebang Lampas

borawan island kuwebang lampasCoconuts! I wish they sell them.

borawan island kuwebang lampasTook a moment to be on my own

borawan island kuwebang lampasThe sands of Kuwebang Lampas

borawan island kuwebang lampasborawan island kuwebang lampasborawan island kuwebang lampasborawan island kuwebang lampasborawan island kuwebang lampasborawan island kuwebang lampasThe clear and shallow waters of Kuwebang Lampas.

borawan island kuwebang lampasborawan island kuwebang lampasborawan island kuwebang lampasborawan island kuwebang lampasInside the cave. I loved the cold water here :)

borawan island kuwebang lampasJust me posing :)

borawan island kuwebang lampasBack in Borawan Island. My teammates are tired so we opted not to go to Dampalitan Beach for sunset :(

borawan island kuwebang lampasDinner! One thing I learned in this tour is how to eat crabs haha

 borawan island kuwebang lampasMe viewing the sunset

borawan island kuwebang lampasEven the longest nights are bound to give way to the dawn right?
– Utada Hikaru.

borawan island kuwebang lampasborawan island kuwebang lampasborawan island kuwebang lampasborawan island kuwebang lampasSunrise! I woke up 4AM for this. I love how to be alone with this beauty. It’s just me, the place and music.

borawan island kuwebang lampasOur humble tents :)

borawan island kuwebang lampasOf course, photo op before packing up :D

borawan island kuwebang lampas

Last pic before leaving 🙂


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Wawa Dam – A Quick Getaway For 150 Pesos

Looking for a quick and cheap getaway this weekend? Checkout Wawa Dam. Located just 1.5 to 2 hours away from Manila, it offers a lot of activities – from the casual walk-in-the-park to the extreme ones – surely, everyone is going to have a great time here.

Wawa Dam is a legendary and historic site. Legend has it that a giant named Bernardo Carpio split the mountain into two (Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan). Historically, the site was used as a hide out by the revolutionary leader Supremo Andres Bonifacio. Lastly, the local government of Rodriguez has the Wawa Dam in their official seal.


Travel time is around 1.5 to 2hrs.

From Cubao / SM North / Trinoma ride a UV Express van going to Eastwood Montalban. Just tell the driver to drop you off at Eastwood Ministop. Fare is 50 pesos. Ride a jeep going to Wawa for 8 pesos.

Alternatively, from Cubao / SM North / Trinoma you can ride a bus/jeep going to Litex. Ride a jeep going to Montalban Town Center and another jeep to Wawa. This is much cheaper (15+20+13=48 pesos) but a bit of a hassle 🙂

Private Vehicle
From Cubao / SM North, drive all the way to Commonwealth Avenue, turn right at Litex Road and follow the signage to Montalban Town Center. Head to the town plaza and follow the signage to Wawa Dam. You can see jeepneys going to Wawa so you can have them as a guide.

Alternatively, from Cubao / SM North, drive all the way to Commonwealth Avenue, turn right at Sandigan Bayan and follow the signage to San Mateo. Turn left at Banaba and follow the signage to Montalban and Wawa.

– Wear slippers / trekking sandals
– Bring foods and drinks 🙂
– Stay safe!
– Do not litter

Cottages are for rent ranging from 150 pesos to 500 pesos. If you’re a small group and not here for swimming, you can just stay at the rocks or buy at the stores and sit there to rest 🙂

No baon? No problem! There are lot of sari-sari stores here and not overpriced either. There are also eateries for heavy meals and bakeries too. Some houses offer paluto for a fee.

There are comfort rooms here in case you get a tummy ache or you need to pee. Signal is also strong and gets weak when you get farther the dam.


Photo Op– we all know you’re coming here for this! 😛 There are also prenups being shot here.

Date – if you’re both into nature or adventure, why not.

Picnic – a lot of families, specially residents of Montalban, are always up for a picnic here.

Videoke – there are videoke machines so if you have some P5 to spare, go for it xD

Swimming – of course there’s water, swim all you want! Just be very careful since some parts are deep (bilang lalim) and rocky.

Biking – if you have your gear, go join the bikers. Wawa to Timberland in San Mateo is the most common route 🙂

Motocross – Yes! I sometimes see them passing by here. Not sure if this is a regular thing.

Hiking – Wawa is home to Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan, and Mt. Parawagan. I suggest you come here at dawn so you can be at the summit by sunrise. Mini sea of clouds 😀 Guide fee is 500 pesos per group.

Rock Climbing – Yep, be Spiderman for a day 😉

Here are some of the pictures taken using my Samsung NX2000, Nikon V1, and Supremo 4k.

pamitinan protected landscape

Welcome to Pamitinan Protected Landscape!

wawa dam bikersBikers taking a break

banana cue meryendaMy personal favorite : banana cue. P10 only :) I can’t find my halohalo pic sorry T_T

wawa dam souvenirsSome souvenirs. Some sell tshirts but I was intimidated by the crew so I did not take a picture haha

 wawa dam fishFishes and Hotdogs. You can have them cooked/grilled for a fee.

wawa dam fruitsFruits for sale


wawa dam rocksHalfway to the Dam you’ll be greeted with this view.

wawa dam rocksVisitors of Wawa Dam – some are bikers and some are here for swimming

wawa-dam-falls-8wawa-dam-fallswawa-dam-falls-2wawa-dam-falls-3wawa-dam-falls-4wawa-dam-falls-5wawa-dam-falls-6wawa-dam-falls-7Up close Wawa Dam. This is the most favorite part of many people. I love the gush of the water and the breeze here will cool your summer! Cottages are in place and you can stay for 150 pesos 🙂

wawa-dam-rafting-2wawa-dam-raftwawa-dam-raftingView from the watch tower. You can rent a cottage and rafts too!

wawa-dam-cottageCottage for rent.

wawa-dam-autumnAutumn feels in Wawa


wawa damView from the bridge featuring Wawa’s shallow waters. Go for a dip!

wawa-dam-rockswawa-dam-shallow-2The other side which features cottages and families having picnic

wawa dam bridge

Kids jumping from the bridge and swimming

wawa dam rock climbingRock Climbing

wawa dam pamitinan caveOn our way to hike Mt. Pamitinan. Bat Cave hmmm.

pamitinan cave bat cavemt pamitinan summitmt pamitinan viewmt pamitinan summitmt pamitinan peakAlmost at the summit! The breeze here is super!

mt pamitinan summitMy friend Coi with the buwis-buhay pose.

mt pamitinan summitCoi at the summit of Mt. Pamitinan.


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Amazing Osaka Pass

I haven’t traveled much. I’ve only seen Osaka in Japan and I can say I’m very much happy with the city. There’s always something new each time I visit and I can’t help but come back every time I have the chance. Good thing there’s Osaka Amazing Pass which gives tourists access to free or discounted rates for attractions.

Why is it so amazing?
Unlimited rides on trains/buses
Free passes on different attractions/facilities
Discounts/special offers on other attractions/facilities/restaurants and shops

Where to buy?
Available on all subway stations. Just ask the station crew near the automatic gate and they’ll be happy to assist you.

How much?
1 or 2-day pass available, costs 2300 yen and 3000 yen respectively. The 2-day deal is worth it!

How to use?
For attractions/tourist spots, just present your Amazing Osaka Pass at the counter and they will scan it. For trains, just insert the pass in the automatic ticket gate. Don’t forget to get it back.

Note : Note that there are trains and attractions that are not covered. Be sure to read the guide and plan accordingly.

Below is the list of tourist spots that you can enter for FREE with this Amazing Osaka Pass

Umeda Sky Building – I’m really bitter about this since we failed to be here 😥
HEP Five Ferris Wheel
The Museum of Oriental Ceramics
Osaka Science Museum
Natural Hot Spring Naniwa no Yu
Osaka Museum of Housing and Living
Tombori River Cruise / Tombori River Jazz Boat
Dotombori ZAZA
Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum
Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation
Osaka Castle Museum
Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden
Osaka Museum of History
Peace Osaka
Tsutenkaku Tower
Shitennoji Temple
Osaka Zoo
Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts
Nagai Botanical Garden
Osaka Museum of Natural History
Sakura Konohana Kan
Natural Open-Air Hot Spring Spa Suminoe
Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel
Cruise Ship Santa Maria / Cruise Ship Santa Maria Twilight Cruise
Captain Line
Osaka Preferectural Government Sakashima Building Observatory
Osaka-Suijyo Bus (Aqua-Liner)
Okawa River Sakura Cruise
Nakanoshima Night View Cruise

The 2-day deal was worth it. We really took our time in each of the facilities we visited so we weren’t able to see everything listed. Next time, we’ll get the rest 🙂

Denden Town – Otaku Haven in Osaka

One of my favorite spots in Osaka is Nipponbashi also known as Denden Town. It is home to anime, manga, video games and gadgets (heaven!) and is comparable to Tokyo’s Akihabara Shopping District. I wish I had more time to explore each building here.

From Namba, DenDen Town is just a walk away. 😀

Animate Osaka

ANIMATE – a building full of everything manga and anime!

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy CD

Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX. All are, of course ,Japan region.

Osaka Gundam

Osaka Gundam – All-Gundam building!

iphone store

Simple iPhone store

action figure store

Store specializing in action figures and plushies


A street in Nipponbashi

laptops for sale

Laptops For Sale

buying headset

Me buying headset. Audio Technica ❤

old generation console

Old generation consoles

Dining in Osaka and How to Save Money on Food

“Is it expensive in Japan?” is probably the most asked question regarding my trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. I give them the sudden “YES” as an answer and they got skeptical if they can afford it. The truth is, everything is quiet expensive in Japan but of course there is always a way to minimize your spending especially on food. 🙂

Tips on How to Save Money on Food

1. Cook for yourself – our guesthouse offers free use of kitchen but sadly my girls can’t cook haha

2. Compare Pricing – restaurants are typically next to each other with menus displayed outside, check them out and compare.

3. Group Meals – There are meals that are good for x number of people and you can just divide the cost within the group. What you see is what you get. We were afraid that the serving won’t be enough however, our expectations were highly exceeded when our orders arrived!

4. Eat All You Can Buffet – there are some really nice buffets and only costs 1000 yen which I think is a pretty good deal already. I guess I’ll have a separate post on this 😉

Osaka is known as “Japan’s Kitchen” and yes there’s food everywhere. Dotonbori, Namba, and Tsutenkaku are my favorite spots to dine. Here are some pictures to give you idea about the food pricing 🙂

japan sweet potato

I love sweet potatoes! Costs 170 yen each (75 pesos) and still raw. The one at Osaka Castle is 400 yen each!


Butaman (pork bun) 170 yen each

fried chicken japan

Fried Chicken for 999 yen. Our group of 4 can’t even finish this! Each one contributed 250 yen only

pancit japan noodles

Pancit (noodles) 999 yen also. 250 yen per head since we’re a group of 4.

tonkatsu tempura

Tonkatsu and Tempura. I forgot the price sorry but it’s also very affordable

japan food pricejapan food pricejapan food pricejapan food pricejapan food pricejapan food pricejapan food price

Utada Hikaru <3

It was 2003 – I vividly remember how Utada Hikaru gave me this indescribable feeling upon hearing her song “Simple and Clean” from the ending of the hit video game Kingdom Hearts. You don’t always come across that kind of song that will shake you and stay forever. Right then and then I became a fan.

Utada Hikaru, in my opinion, is the most unique artist. To me, every artist pales in comparison to her. She does almost everything when it comes to her music. She and her music is such a great source of inspiration. Whenever I see a connection – even how little it is – I always reference to her. I like taking pictures and captioning her lines. My wordpress name and tagline is a reference to her.

Fast forward – I’m on my 14th year of being a fan of the most successful singer-songwriter in Japan! My wish is to see her perform live in concert and I got the feeling that it’ll be soon! Btw, her birthday is today, January 19! ❤

That said, going to Japan means rooting for Hikaru!

soundpak denden town

at Soundpak Denden Town

utada hikaru cd

Treasures found!

tower records abeno hoop

Wild Life at Tower Records Abeno Hoop

tower records fantome utadatower records fantome utada

Fantome at Tower Records Namba. I wish I could take home that promotional stand!