Japan Visa Without ITR 2316 – Letter of Explanation

This post is for those hesitant to apply for Japan Visa because they don’t have an ITR and feel they won’t get approved. I’d like to share this experience hoping to give you light and at least lessen your worries in getting the visa approved! 🙂



We recently applied for Japan Visa last October and my girlfriend does not have an ITR because she just got hired this year (ITR will be released next year). We wrote a letter to the Embassy stating why we can’t provide it.

I believe that this example can also be used by freelancers, housewives, students, or anybody who can’t provide the ITR. Below is the letter, feel free to edit it as per your details and reason. Good luck with your application! 🙂

The Office of the Consul General
The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines
2627 Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City, Metro Manila 1300

October 17, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am personally requesting for a single entry visa for myself. I am (Your Name), bearer of Philippine Passport # (ABC12345), and resident of (Complete Address). I am currently employed as a (Job Title) at (Company) with office address at (Complete Company Address).

I am writing to your office to let you know that I am lacking the required Income Tax Return BIR Form 2316. I just got employed this year and my company cannot provide the ITR for 2016 because it will be released early 2017. Attached herewith is my Certificate of Employment as well as other required documents.

I will be flying to Japan on (Departure Date) and will stay until (Return Date) only together with my family/friends for sightseeing and touring. I guarantee that I will not become a public charge or burden during my stay in Japan and will strictly follow all rules.

I am hoping for your positive response. Thank you very much.


Your Name


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